For New Parents

Welcome to Guildford Montessori Nursery 
Nothing can replace a visit to the nursery for you to get a feel for
what we do, but in the meantime, here goes:


Firstly, we are here to help nurture your children in an encouraging environment. The nursery will probably be the first instistuion outside the family to which your child will belong. It's an important step to being a member of society and a community which, unlike the family, can't be taken for granted, so estabishing happy and respectful relations is a prime for us.

Secondly, the development of language is another vital matter at this age. Children have a small window of two years, between ages 2 - 4, when they will learn to speak and to understand human language. They learn from adults and other children. We encourage quality communication that encourages speech.

Our third main objective is for them to develop mentally as far as they are comfortable to go. That's at the heart of Montessori teaching: to assit them when they are ready to learn, but not to force them when they are not. It's at the heart of any good teaching approach. As a result you'll see a lot of unusual equipment as soon as you enter our school.